Seth Asa


I am a listener, creator, and audio tinkerer for life, with over two decades as a professional theatre artist. I have met the various audio challenges of events and performing arts by matching sonically-rich ambient soundscapes to compelling music to move theatrical productions forward from scene to scene, using audio synthesis, field and studio recording, and digital manipulation of existing audio source material. My live audio mixes seek to provide clarity over volume.

Additionally, I have been a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, and primary songwriter, arranger, and recordist on over 70 independent music projects. I have performed onstage playing standard and native flute, fretted strings, and native and kit drums, and I have released multiple full-length solo albums of original material.  I love rhythm and rhyme within the movements of poetry and song lyrics. 

As a musician and writer with a background in live theatre I have an innate sense of timing, an excellent ear for music and sound effects, and proven skill in the field of audio production, editing, and playback using analog and digital audio consoles, QLab 1.0 through 3.0, SFX, Sony SoundForge, Sony Acid, Sony Vegas, SAWPro, SAWPlus, Goldwave, Audacity, Macintosh OSX 10.4 through 10.9, Windows 3.1 through Windows 8, iPad, iPod, CD, MiniDisc, Cassette, 1/4" Reel (2-track, 4-track, 8-track), and turntable. I have also demonstrated a marked ability to quickly adapt to wide variety of equipment scenarios.